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Bethesda patching Oblivion, lowers cost of future content download


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Bethesda recently confirmed (via the official Elder Scrolls forums) that an Oblivion patch is in the works for both the PC and Xbox 360. The plan is to first release a beta patch onto the PC, once it's cleared initial testing. Bethesda warned players to backup saved games before installing the beta patch and to be prepared to reinstall the game once the final patch is released.

In addition, Bethesda offered more details about the upcoming downloadable content plugins. The Orrery download, which includes a new quest and character powers, should be available next week for the low-low cost of 150 Microsoft points (about $1.88) for the Xbox 360 and $1.89 for the PC. 'Big ups' to Bethesda for experimenting with different price points. Although we passed on the $2.50 horse armor this week, we'll definitely be messin' with that Orrery device when it hits the Marketplace.

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