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LG @ CTIA, the rest: LG225, LG350, LG3400, LG5300, LG8300


LG brought a crush of new GSM and CDMA phones into CTIA in addition to the LG550 musicphone, LG DM-L200 for Disney we checked earlier. The LG8300 musicphone (pictured) is the most interesting of the lot bringing dual-stereo speakers and A2DP stereo Bluetooth to the game while packing a 1.3 megapixel cam, EV-DO data, a GPS positioning system, and stubby little antenna for jabbing into the sides of annoying commuters. The mid-level LG5300 packs in CDMA, dual-band GSM, Bluetooth and a VGA cam with flash. The LG3400 meanwhile, is touted as "sleek, sexy and super lightweight" clamshell -- you be the judge. The LG350 then sports Bluetooth, dual internal/external LCD displays, and 3D graphics support. Bringing up the rear is the LG225 which sports a range of uninspiring features such as VGA cam, full-duplex speakerphone, and MSN Messenger for those mad texting tweeners in your life. Pics of the others after the break.

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