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Apple introduces Remote Desktop 3

David Chartier

Well I guess we know why the Apple Store was down earlier. Today, Apple introduced Remote Desktop 3, which is now a Universal Binary and includes over 50 new features that deliver better software distribution, asset management and remote assistance. Over 30 Automator actions, remote Spotlight searching of multiple Tiger machines, a Dashboard observation widget and automatically installing software on remote machines when they return online are at the top of the new feature buzz list, which includes:

  • Remote Drag and Drop files and folders between local and remote computers
  • Remote Copy and Paste for simple transfer of text and images between local and remote computers
  • Persistent Task History and Task Templates to make it easy to save and replicate repetitive task
  • Curtain Mode to hide the desktop of a system while it is being controlled remotely
  • Application Usage and User History Reports to track software compliance and monitor the use of unauthorized applications
  • Smart Computer Lists for dynamically managing systems based on specified criteria
  • AES 128-bit encryption for secure communications between Apple Remote Desktop 3 and clients
Apple Remote Desktop 3 is available immediately through the Apple Store for either $299 to manage up to 10 machines, or $499 for managing an unlimited number of machines.

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