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Fujitsu's NX and TX line-up brings both HD DVD and Blu-ray


Well, they told us they weren't going to take sides and just to prove it, Fujitsu officially went Swiss today and launched both HD DVD and Blu-ray totin' machines. Now if all these machines will truly be on sale starting Friday in Japan as the press release seems to indicate (via machine translation), then the Deskpower TX95 (pictured) becomes the first Blu-ray disc device to make it to market since, well, that Sony BDZ-S77 launched a few years back in Japan, effectively making it the first Blu-ray Disc PC. The all-in-one Deskpower TX95 Blu-ray desktop is expected to carry a steep €4,000 (about $4,800 US) price tag for the kit: a 2.80 GHz Pentium D820 CPU, 37-inch display, 1GB RAM, 600GB drive, Radeon X1600 graphics card, 2 Hi-Vision (HDTV) digital and 2 analog tuners, and HDMI. A BD-less Deskpower TX90 version is also launching but sports a P4 517 processor with 400GB disk. And just to keep the next-gen peace, Fujitsu is also offering-up the NX95S/D laptop which brings the Core Duo T2300 (1.66GHz), a whopping 320GB of disk, 1GB of RAM, an ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 graphics card, and an HD DVD drive which should be available at the "end of June." The NX90 laptop was also announced which is the same as the NX95S sans HD DVD. Bringing up the tail is the NX70 laptop which features a Core Solo T1300 (1.66Ghz) and 512MB of RAM. Pics of the NX95S/D after the break.

[Via Akihabara News]

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