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Metareview - Odama (GC)

Blake Snow

The unique pinball/puzzle/strategy game finally makes its way to the GameCube with mixed reviews. Some outlets such as Nintendo Power review the game at 85. Others aren't so friendly. Here's what's being said about the exclusive 'Cube title:

  • Gamespot 66% - "The way that Odama experiments with such disparate elements as real-time strategy, pinball, and voice commands is certainly fascinating, but it's just not a completely successful experiment. The steep learning curve associated with learning how to manage all of the different, often non-traditional control mechanics stymies Odama's potential for broader appeal, and it's ultimately not very fulfilling as a strategy game."
  • GamePro 80% - "To say this game is hard is incorrect. It is grueling to the point that it might take away from the enjoyment of the game, but the satisfaction you get from winning a battle, whether it's after the second or twenty-second attempt, is supreme and worth the time it takes to become comfortable with the game."
  • 1UP 60% - "Explaining a game like Odama is as silly as yelling at troopers via the microphone, throwing the controller, and muttering a slew of expletives while you stalk away from the GameCube. But, for whatever reason, you'll come back."

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