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eMail for dumb millionaires


Ok, so you've dropped some serious green on your Aston Martin Edition Nokia 8800, diamond encrusted iPod nano, and Samsung Q1 and you've still got that mad spending jones -- what to do? How 'bout dropping another few hundie ($399 monthly) on an exclusive "Upper Class" email address. For that you get such pedestrian features as 512MB of email storage with uh, "unlimited eMail traffic," 1GB file sharing, address book, antispam/antivirus, and just about every other feature (and less) available on your run-o-the-mill, free email service. But if this is the kind of hard posing you need to remember your social status, then have it son, and double-quick 'cause the service is limited to only 10k of your well-heeled peers. Oh, just so you know, that "24" tacked onto the name means, well, nothing apparently. The folks behind the service are just too cheap to buy the domain rights to 'Nuff said, eh?

[Via Newlaunches]

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