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Jesus the hardcore gamer

Ross Miller

If Jesus of Nazareth, the "annointed messiah" in the Christian world, were alive today, would he game? Ryan Stone of North Greenville College thinks so, and he points to Halo as a title on which Jesus might earn a few frags. In his words, "I think He, being the almighty Creator, understands that He built into men the want to be a hero. I want to save the world and fly through the galaxy shooting the bad guys and coming out unscathed with a smoking pistol in each hand." We could not say it any better.

Stone's article derives from his experiences trying to set up a Halo tournament through his church in order to raise money for Relay for Life, which aids the American Cancer Society. However, some of the chuch members complained, citing not personal experience but "many articles from Focus on the Family and other highly conservative publications" that associated Halo with non-Christian values. But Stone reminds readers how Jesus "fought the conservative and religious people of the day, how he bucked the system."

Stone believes Jesus would have played some Halo, and probably rock at it, too. "He'd probably even beat me terribly and make me look like I'd never played. I'd even hope for a little humorous religious smack talking." We agree that many M-rated games could be seen (and rightfully so) contrary to Christian ideals of morality (e.g. every Rockstar game not revolving around table tennis), but as a government soldier who fights to save humanity against an evil alien race or two, Master Chief is a hero. So, to relay his final question, what would Jesus play?

[via GamePolitics]

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