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John Gruber releases new Daring Fireball t-shirts, quits day job

David Chartier

John Gruber has answered the call for more Daring Fireball t-shirts and released two new designs (pictured) in addition to his original (not pictured). As before, purchasing one shirt for $29 (shipping included) will also score you a one year membership to full RSS and Linked List feeds, but now you can purchase additional shirts for $19 each, again with free shipping (bonus points to anyone who can point out the Mac nerdery significance in the POS shirt without cheating and checking John's post). Already established members can purchase any of these shirts at the already lowered price of $19.

Now before you pull that 'if only he wrote more often' complaint out of your back pocket, John has answered that call as well by launching an Initiative - he quit his day job last week to write Daring Fireball full time.

Those membership perks of full RSS and Linked List feeds just got a whole lot more valuable. Yes, I've had a membership for almost a year now (and I'll definitely be renewing), but no - John didn't pay us for product placement.

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