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Ridge Racer 7 for PS3 announced

Alan Rose

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Namco Bandai has announced that Ridge Racer 7 is in development for the PlayStation 3, and the game will be making an appearance in some form at E3 next month. That means more Reiko Nagase booth babes! It could also mean a potential spot for RR7 in the PS3's November launch lineup, although no firm release date has been set. Series vets Hideo Teramoto and Masaya Koyabashi are in charge of the project, and the newest Racer is expected to support 14-player online racing.

While last year's Ridge Racer PSP received strong scores, the most recent console offerings for PS2 (RR5) and Xbox 360 (RR6) haven't fared so well. Ditto for the DS version. The PS3 will be the franchise's seventh different platform in as many years.

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