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Rumor: MSFT's E3 plans include $100 HD-DVD

Alright, we love long lists of video game rumors compiled by from Spanish-speaking forums as much as the next guy, so we thought it was only right to clue you into the latest pre-E3 Xbox 360 hype, courtesy of Now that Microsoft's Chris Lewis has confirmed that the HD-DVD add-on would indeed be making an appearance at E3, it's time to pontificate on everything from how much it will cost to when it will be released. They've thrown in another two dozen or so other rumors just so you can't say it isn't comprehensive! Our favorites:

  • The premium pack will cost $100 less in October; the core system will be $80 less.
  • The HD-DVD add-on will debut in September for $100.
  • 100GB HDD, but no price and date available (huh, wonder why?)
Video game rumors from the internet share several commonalities with astrology. The goal is to be vague enough while using common sense to make predictions that are not only reasonable but also not easily dismissed. Take all the above, for example; or the "more Xbox Live Arcade titles are coming" rumor. Not something we'd call a stretch.

But where do they always blow it? On the details. For example: a "virtual console"-esque service enabling playback of all Sega games? Not likely if any part of Nintendo's agreement with Sega involves exclusivity. The real question this raisesis, up against the Revolution and the PS3, does Microsoft have this many tricks in its bag to keep all eyes on it?

[Thanks, fivehorizons]

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