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Big Red One digicam debuts at NAB

Marc Perton

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So, Apple wasn't the only company with something big to show off at NAB today. Turns out that Red Digital Cinema, a company started by Oakley founder Jim Jannard, chose the venue to roll out the Red One, an HD camcorder that boasts 11.4 megapixels at up to 60fps. The camera is based around what the company calls the Mysterium CMOS, which we assume is made by Kodak, Sony or one of the other big sensor makers, though -- as made clear by the name -- Red is maintaining an air of mystery (we assume someone will pull the lens off one of these soon enough and solve this one, though). The camera also features an optional "Red Cage" -- designed, presumably, to protect it from hordes of digicam junkies eager to check it out, and has a big red HAL-like light on the front, presumably because Jannard and company think it looks slick (and it does look a lot better than most of Oakley's traditional gear). A mere $17,500 will get you one of these (if and when they're manufactured, that is), and a 300mm lens will set you back another $4,750.

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