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Jobs talks media centers, recycling, and CRT's at shareholder meeting

Scott McNulty

Macworld spills the beans about what was said at Apple's shareholder meeting, and some interesting things were mentioned. Jobs said that of the products Apple has in the pipeline are, 'the best I’ve ever seen in my life.' He also said that he hears concerns about a media center 'loud and clear,' perhaps hinting that Apple will be delivering a full blown media center sooner rather than later (though that is pure conjecture). Jobs also said that the new MacBook Pros are 'bitchin.' Well said, Steve.

What would an Apple shareholder meeting be without a little PC bashing?  Responding to concerns about Apple's environmental record Jobs pointed out that Apple's new recycling program accepts PC's and Macs. Phil Schiller added, 'I think there are a lot of PCs that should be recycled'.  Oh, Phil, you scamp!

Thanks, Eric.

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