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Nokia keeps 'em coming: possible N83 spotted


Yeah Nokia, we know you're hot stuff with your ten phones per minute release pace, but even we're a bit surprised to be seeing spy photos of an N83 slider a mere week after the release of your N72, N73 and N93 handsets. The projected release date for this S60 phone is a bit more reasonable, stated as Q1 2007, but with the sweet specs listed we're really not sure we can wait that long. The phone supposedly has a 2.5-inch-ish 352 x 416 pixel screen, Bluetooth 2.0, microSD, 5 megapixel and VGA cameras, UMTS, 802.11b/g, 4GB HDD (alright, now it's just getting ridiculous), and mini-jack audio. While those specs read just like a fanboy wishlist, we can clearly see the dual cameras and some sort of slide up media controls from the pics, along with plenty of screen real estate. For the rest of it we'll just have to spend a year on Santa's "nice" list and hope he has some sway with the Nokia elves.

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