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HDBeat Podcast 011 - 05.2.06

Ben Drawbaugh
This week Matt and I continue the HD-DVD saga (yes again), don't blame us it was a slow news week. Even though there wasn't alot of news this week it didn't stop us from covering some opinion pieces, if there is one thing our show isn't short on it is opinions. Finally I talk about my parents new TV, I sure hope they don't listen. I don't think I have anything to worry about since they don't even know what a Podcast is!

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Ben Drawbaugh and Matt Burns.

Ben Drawbaugh

45:01, 28 MB, MP3

Why would anyone buy a Blu-ray player (other than the PS3)?
CNET: 10 ways HD DVD fails short
My Netflix queue is really starting to look High Def
Warner's first HD-DVD/DVD combo disc, additional titles announced
HD-DVD titles on the way from Magnolia
Viiv doesn't suck after all?
Ask HD Beat: Does 480p and 16:9 Really Match?
The DTV transition is here


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