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MobiBlu squared: crystalized 1500i and new pics of Cube 2

Marc Perton

Given MobiBlu's efforts to convince consumers that the company's tiny 1500i audio player can be worn as jewelry, it seems only fitting that someone has taken them literally, and produced a customized version of the player encrusted with shiny crystals. The DAH 1500i Crystal is a 2GB version of the player, and is available in the UK for £169 ($307). Of course, if you care more about music than about showing off your zirconium collection, you'd probably prefer to skip this one and wait for MobiBlu's upcoming Cube 2, which DAPreview reports will boast a 0.67-inch, 64x48 JPEG-capable OLED display (though we tend to think actually checking out pics on such a small screen probably isn't the best idea), SRS WOW HD, FM tuner and some sort of docking station. Still no word on pricing, availability and whether MobiBlu will try to convince 1500i owners to pick up a Cube 2 so they'll have a set to use as earrings.

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