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aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock reviewed


Sure, the aXbo alarm clock sounds quite promising with its ability to monitor your sleep phases and wake you at just the right time, but does it promise too much? Martin Regtien doesn't seem to think so, and after reviewing the Sleeptracker as well, he seems to think the aXbo not only bests its rival, but happens to be one of the best systems on the market for waking up right. Unfortunately, he didn't receive the USB cable with his review unit that allows you to check out your sleep patterns with your computer, but he did have an easy time setting up and using the actual aXbo. Turns out the wristband sensors are plenty comfortable, but though you can set separate alarms for both you and your partner, Martin's wife was wakened by his alarm. He suggests that the makers of aXbo create a vibrating alarm for the ultimate in sleep bliss, but for the casual user the aXbo seems to fit the bill exactly if you're prepared to fork over the $250.

[Via Gadget Review]

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