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Wiimote controller or Xbox Live? Which is the bigger innovation?

Vladimir Cole

Business Week's running an interview with Microsoft Corporate VP Peter Moore in which Moore was asked to opine on innovation. In particular, he was asked to comment on the innovation the TV remote-style controller that will come bundled with Nintendo's newest console.

Moore's response: "If the controller is different and innovative; fine. But I would say that Xbox Live is the bigger innovation. It depends on your definition of innovative. If having a DVD style controller defines innovation; great. I would argue that talking millions of gamers and connecting them with friends and strangers around the world... I'd call that pretty innovative."

There are a few ways to settle this debate. Which one took more engineering brawn to develop? Which one will drive more sales? Which one will change the face of gaming more? Will either innovation be remembered years from now as a flop? Which of the two is actually more fun to use? Which of the two provides gamers with the most value?

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