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Aus/NZ beat North America to DS Lite

Remember when North America got everything before Australia? Sure, sometimes Japan would get things before North America did, sometimes Europe would get things before North America did, but we could always comfort ourselves knowing that we would always get it before Australia (and, by extension, their neighbors in New Zealand with the adorable accents).

Nintendo has announced that the DS Lite will be released in Australia and New Zealand on June 1st, a full ten days before it hits American shores. Though they'll get their systems sooner, they'll also pay a premium for it. The DS Lite will retail in Australia for $199.95 AUD, $20 more than their DS Phat, and about $153 US, $20 more than our light. You've won this battle Oceania, but you haven't won the war!

(Update: fixed grammar booboo. All better now.)

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