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Apple Store FlatIron Crossing Grand Opening report

David Chartier

I have emerged victorious from my first ever Apple Store grand opening, and I have to say: it was pretty cool. There was one heck of a line that ran far outside the closest mall entrance, and it was really cool to see people from all walks of life, including Dan Lurie from The Apple Blog and Jeff Gamet from The Mac Observer. My friend and I arrived around 8:15 am, and we were about 20th in line, though it picked up momentum shortly thereafter.

I've posted a photo set from the event to our TUAW Flickr account, so check those out if you want more proof of how crazy Apple fans can get for a Saturday morning grand opening. One minor complaint: I wish Apple would stop using "geek black" on their event shirts like the ones they handed out today. Aside from that, it was fun to get my Mac-geek on for the day, even if I couldn't afford to actually buy anything.

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