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Xbox Live Marketplace brings home HD E3 trailers and demos [Halo 3 update 2]


Ok so thats basically direct marketing speak from Microsoft. But it's true. This week Xbox 360 owners have been able to download trailers and demos of some of the same games that they will be showing in LA. Yesterday I was able to download the demo for Test Drive Unlimited (which is not so unlimited, the demo has a 15 minute timer boooo!) and Lost Planet, as well as the trailers for a lot of other games, movies and apparently there will also be video straight from the E3 floor. If you don't have a 360, you can also get a hold of the high definition trailers from Xboxyde. To find out exactly what and when things are available, check out the Marketplace section of MajorNelson's website.

We'll get back to you after Microsoft's pre-E3 showcase, in the meantime, check out live coverage at Joystiq.

Today's XBLM releases:

Game Trailers:
Call Of Duty
Culdcept SAGA
Hitman: Blood Money
Lost Planet Extreme Condition
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis
Tony Hawk's Project 8

Lost Planet

As just announced during Microsoft's presentation THE HALO 3 TRAILER IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON XBOX LIVE. That is all. Also available on

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