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iTunes Chili Peppers promo angers some fans


Ok, everyone just settle down. A couple of weeks ago, the iTunes Music Store offered a deal to fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers: Pre-order the new album [iTunes link], and receive a special code that would grant you access to a special Ticketmaster pre-sale for the upcoming tour. The codes were scheduled to be distributed yesterday, May 9 (tickets go on sale to the general public on the 13th), but so far many customers haven't heard a peep from Apple.

Call me an optimist, but I'm sure everything will be OK. I know it stinks on ice when it seems you aren't getting what you've been promised, but you've still got three days before John Q. Public can get his mitts on your tickets. Patience, grasshopper.

Of course, if the 13th comes and goes and leaves you ticket-less, then all bets are off.

Thanks, Adam.

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