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Pioneer's new 5.1 audio setup for your Xboxin' pleasure


With all the attention being payed to those pretty pretty pictures that the big three have been flashing at us so far this week, it's easy to forget about that other little detail in gaming: audio. Pioneer didn't forget though, and they've just announced their new HTS-GS1 5.1 surround sound speaker system for the Xbox 360 to cater to that very thing. The HTS-GS1 has 600 watts of total system power being pumped out of the receiver subwoofer, which includes the five satellite speaker connections, three digital inputs (one coaxial, two optical), an analog input, radio tuner, and control ports. There is also a separate display to monitor the system (pictured) and a Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System that mics the room and adjusts the audio for best results. The integration with the Xbox 360 not only includes its similar stylings, but a bundled remote that can manage the HTS-GS1 along with all other Xbox 360 functions like Media Center Extender. The HTS-GS1 should be priced around $500 and will be available in June.

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