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And the winner of the console war is... ?

Adams Briscoe

In a recent poll by GameSpot, the gaming community piped up about their future spending on next-gen consoles. The question was, "Which of the three next-gen consoles do you think you'll own by this time next year?"

Taking into consideration the news from E3, the results may not surprise you:
Just a Wii 27.57% 26052
Just a PS3 17.03% 16093
PS3 and Wii 16.69% 15774
Wii and 360 13.18% 12455
None of them 8.32% 7865
All three 6.62% 6257
PS3 and 360 5.28% 4986
Just a 360 5.31% 5022

Second place isn't exactly where Sony wishes they could be right now. However there's a certain law of economy at work here that just makes you say "duh!" Of course, polls are by no means representative of the unforeseeable future, so keep your ear to the ground and we'll see what happens.

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