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Sony fakes Blu-Ray on VAIO [update 2]

Vladimir Cole

Gadget blog Gearlog posted photos exposing some Sony shenanigans.

Sony was recently celebrating the 10th anniversary of the VAIO computer when pesky PC Magazine reporter Lance Ulanoff pushed the eject button on Sony's VAIO AR and out popped a DVD-R with "House of Flying Daggers" hastily scribbled on it. Attendees had been lead to believe that the computer was playing the movie on a Blu-Ray disc. Oops! (Attendees did note that the video quality was better, so there's little question that the content was high-def. It just wasn't Blu-Ray-flavored HD content.)

Nice work, Lance. That was a real Scooby-Doo moment.

Or was it? An alternate theory put forth by Sony supporters says that this is a photo of the laptop that was supposed to be playing DVD+R content. These debunkers cite a second account of the event as evidence.

[Via Engadget]

[Update 1: Added a little more explanation to help readers sort out the scenario.]
[Update 2: Added link to Notebook Review's account.]

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