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Nokia's E50 business class quad-band cellphone


Nokia just dropped their new E50 candybar for business users on a tight budget, i.e., anyone not employed by Google. Billed as the thinnest (which isn't saying much) of the E-series quad-band phones, the E50 goes S60 3rd edition and features the usual support for mobile corporate email solutions like BlackBerry Connect, Visto Mobile, and the like as well as featuring a 1.3 megapixel camera good for a little corporate espionage work and an MP3 player which doubles as that "can't talk now, on a call" boss impresser. And since it's business focused, it's corporate PBX-ready if the infrastructure is in place and supoprts two numbers linked to personal or bidness use. And yeah, they use the word "phone" more than a dozen times in the press release which means there's a run on cod liver oil in Espoo right about now.

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