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Miglia's TVMax external tuner for the Mac mini

Evan Blass

Peripherals manufacturer Miglia has just announced a new external analog TV tuner for the Mac mini, but because they'd already used the name TVMini on another line of products, they decided to confuse us and call this mini-shaped tuner the TVMax. Naming schemes aside, this model -- which adopts the same form factor as several mini hubs that we've seen -- seems to offer everything a TV junkie could want in a external tuner, including MPEG-2/4 and DivX hardware compression, PVR capabilities via the bundled EyeTV 2 software, direct iPod or PSP export, and of course, the obligatory electronic program guide, which in this case is the excellent TitanTV. You also get the standard set of A/V inputs for recording from camcorders or VCRs, as well as a wireless remote to free you from clicking around to change channels, all for $250 and available immediately.

[Via Mac Observer]

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