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What's on HDTV this summer?


If you follow our daily HDTV Listings (or just watch television, whatever works), you know that most network programs are coming to their seasonal end. This leaves us to the summer doldrums of reality shows, repeats and made for TV movies. That said, what are you planning to watch this summer?

Unfortunately, your choices may be very limited.

This guy was courteous enough to make a list of programs, unfortunately many of them are on USA, so no HD there. Otherwise, there's a couple shows on TNT, The Closer and Saved; plus the last season of Deadwood on HBO. Entourage is not in high definition, so even though I'll be watching, that's out.

How will you get through? Maybe you went in squirrel mode and saved episodes of Lost and 24 on the DVR, or you'll buy an HD DVD or Blu-ray player? Play lots of Xbox 360? Go to the movies or worse...actually go outside for once? God forbid you might actually watch some World Cup action until real (American) football starts.

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