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R.I.P. Nickster, gone but not forgotten [update 2]

Ross Miller

Last week, the mod community suffered a tragic loss. Nicholas "Nickster" Bishop, who led the efforts in making the Goldeneye Source mod for Half-Life 2, passed away from an apparent suicide. May he enjoy the afterlife, perpetually taking down Baron Samedi with a golden PP7 to his little heart's content. He was 27. He will be missed.

According to the Goldeneye Source main page, a memorial fund in Nick's name is being established. The mod will be continued, in honor of him.

This is the final paragraph from Nick's goodbye to the world, as presented by Nick's dad:

And finally there is a part of me that is really looking forward to finding out the answer to one of life's great mysteries. Is there life after death? What is out there? So many people go about their daily lives unconcerned with the fact that they are nothing more than an ant upon a huge rock flying through a universe so large it can't even be imagined. The universe is so vast, what is my part to play in this thing called life? Nobody knows for sure what happens to our souls when we depart this plain of existence. I am going to find out. I think it's going to be something both unimaginable and great. I will see you on the other side.


Take it easy, little buddy.

[Thanks, buttonbasher]

[update 1: The comment section has been disabled. While many of you share a strong opinion one way or another regarding suicide, this is not the forum for expressing your opinion. On the contrary, this is merely a memorial for a person, and not an ideal -- we should address the topic as such.]

[update 2: We have made the decision to delete all comments -- good and bad -- from this post. We thank everyone who had something respectful to say. We are sorry for anyone who was upset or hurt by any harsh words left by our readers.]

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