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HDBeat Podcast 015 - 05.30.06

Ben Drawbaugh
This week we try to take the focus off Blu-ray vs HD DVD, but we fail miserably. We try to fly through the dead topic and move on to more important HD news, like HD commercials. We cover a little programming including what's on this summer in HD. Some new hardware this week from AT&T, DLP professional projectors, TiVo's injunction and Vista's NTSC requirement.

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Ben Drawbaugh and Matt Burns.

Ben Drawbaugh

49:22, 28 MB, MP3

Countdown Begins: 30 days till Blu-ray
Blu-ray Titles appear on Netflix
Paramount delays initial HD DVD titles
Constantine HD DVD release (Warner's) first for special features, Bourne Supremacy out now
Broadcast, cable cos fight over downconverting
How important is it for consumers to understand HD?
This is SportsCenter in HD?
What's on HDTV this summer?
Make your own Hi-Def DVDs
Is high-def to much definition?
AT&T's new Hi-Def Homezone box
TiVo's Latest injunction
Vista will not require a NTSC tuner
Christie DLP projector to be used to display Disney's "Cars"


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