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(The revised) next-gen console size comparisons

I think we -- gamers as a whole -- have a problem. We're fascinated ... nay, obsessed with dimensions: height, depth, width, mass. Me, I have a certain thing for cubic volume and density.

We blogged about this chart last December, but seeing as how the charts been updated with the PS3's final dimensions, we thought you'd all like need to know. It looks like the Wii's dimensions are still inaccurate; check out 4cr's helpful resize job for (what appears to be) a more accurate model.

We have a problem:
Doing the math on DS lite

Xbox 360 power supply comparisons never get old
Xbox 360 power supply dunked in water to prove it's damned big

Game Boy Micro vs. Game Boy Advance SP

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(Update: Included a listing of the relevant cubic volumes calculated from the listed figures. Thanks, Sean!)

PlayStation 3 8726.9 cm^3
Xbox 7727.4 cm^3
Xbox 360 6616.9 cm^3
PlayStation 2 4179.1 cm^3
Gamecube 2656.5 cm^3
Mac mini 1384.7 cm^3
PStwo 978.9 cm^3
Wii 955.5 cm^3

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