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Sierra AirCard 875 brings 3.6Mbps HSDPA


We're a bit miffed that this new AirCard from Sierra isn't coming in an ExpressCard form, especially now that good number of the major laptop manufacturers (Dell, Lenovo and Apple to name a few) are sporting ExpressCard slots in their newer models, but HSDPA is HSDPA and we're glad to see it all the same. The device -- a bump to last year's 860 -- supports 3.6Mbps (theoretical) speeds, which is as fast as anybody is doing it right now, and should provide for more than a few WiFi shaming connections to those with the cash and the infrastructure to enjoy it. Along with tri-band HSDPA and UMTS, the 875 can do quad-band EDGE/GPRS, so road warriors beware: you're about to run out of excuses for lost connectivity -- we'd think this one over if we were you. No word on price or initial availability.

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