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World Cup causes HDTV selling frenzy

Matt Burns

We are sure that some of you could care less about the World Cup then what Martha Stewart had for dinner last night. But then there are some people that MUST watch it and live it. The later type of people are those that are causing HDTVs to fly off the shelves over in England. Check this out. Currys, an UK electronic store, is selling flat-screens at the rate of one every 15 seconds! They have noticed a 50% increase in sales of HDTVs and flat-screens and when you add in the drop in price with the World Cup, anyone can understand why. But the sales increase just isn't in the normal consumer line ether. Bang & Olufsen, über-high end, has experienced a 500% increase in their HDTV sales too!

So we have to ask. Has anyone bought a HDTV with the World Cup solely in mind?

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