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XBLV Camera on sale September 19

Ken Weeks

Major Nelson has some tentative dates for the release of the Xbox Live Vision Camera (still no price point):

North America: September 19th
Europe and Asia (except Japan): October 2
Japan, Australia and New Zealand: I don't have confirmed dates yet.

Admittedly, I still have BBQ sauce on the brain (hence the late post), but the "Vision" moniker is news to me. My first experience with this camera, playing the weirdly suggestive Totem Balls at E3, was a poor one. I'm more excited about video chat and user-created gamer pictures than gesture-based games requiring stadium lighting. Here's video of the camera in use during an exciting game of Uno.

How many people will be picking this peripheral up on day one? That is, besides the pedophiles and morons dying to show their ass on XBL.

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