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IOGEAR announces UWB hub


IOGEAR is showing off their new Ultra-Wideband Hub and Adapter solution at Computex in Taiwan this week. Like the Belkin CableFree USB hub we've seen ponied-out at trade shows previously (but still not launched), this 4-port hub offers wireless USB 2.0 connectivity to desktop peripherals via a USB dongle which communicates with the hub at 480Mbps at up to 30 feet away. However, unlike Belkin's Freescale-based solution supported by Motorola, IOGEAR's box is based on the WiMedia Alliance MB-OFDM technology backed by heavy-hitters such as Intel and Philips. IOGEAR claims a ship date of Q3 2006 but remains mum on the price. Oh, and we'll slap up a product image just as soon as we troll one down.

[Via MobileTechReview]

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