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Safa's SS100 skinny Korean DAP


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We've seen a few Safa players over the years, but none have really managed to avoid the ugly stick until now. Safa's new SS100 is quite familiar to a certain iPod in size and shape, even coloring, but we think it's got a bit of its own retro charm, and we've always gotta give props to something that can manage a 7.4mm thickness. The player holds up to 4GB of memory, connects via USB 2.0 and has an FM radio in the 512MB to 2GB versions. Codec support is pretty slim, at MP3, AVI, JPEG and TXT (ooh, TXT), but there is a 10-band EQ and built-in mic to make up for it. Nothing really outstanding, but if Safa can offer this for a decent price, and maybe ship a few over to their friends in the States, we might have worthy player among us.

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