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Sanyo launches PLC-XP57L networked projector

Ryan Block, @ryan

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You've got specific needs if you're willing to plunk down ten large for an XGA res projector like Sanyo's PLC-XP57L -- we'd be willing to bet those are business needs. But this 19-pound light-spitting behemoth isn't just hype for suits and ties; you're investing in an HDTV down-converting system with DVI in, networked imaging via Sanyo's PJ-Net Organizer Plus II system, and a 5500 lumen, 1000:1 contrast ratio picture fired out through it's triple-LCD imager, itself intended for 24/7 operation. Like we said, it's not for the average projector user, but when you've got a serious job to do, the PLC-XP57L can probably take care of that for you.

[Via PR Newswire and MobileWhack]

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