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Google Earth goes Universal

David Chartier

Google has not only released a beta (of course) version of Google Earth with loads of juicy new features and enhancements, but it has also gone Universal. I can't find any official information at the Google Earth site about the Universal update, but MacUpdate has a link with all the pertinent info. Also in this Intel-friendly release is:

  • SketchUp integration
  • embedded Navigator interface (top-right, overlaying the 3D view)
  • Localized client to French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Textured 3D Model files can be loaded (Collada XML file format)
  • Layers: new Core/All/"Now Enabled" views
  • Full screen mode now allows searching (use F-11 on the PC)
  • Press the '/' key to access Search from full screen mode
  • Scale Legend
  • Full resolution imagery across entire screen
  • Terrain quality preference setting
  • Improved Garmin GPS device support
  • Toolbar (replaces navigation panel previously shown below the 3dview)
  • Diagonal arrow-key navigation (up arrow + left arrow simultaneously)
  • Tristate checkboxes in Places/Layers folders
With all these new goodies, what are you still here for? Go grab a copy! (But be sure to come back here for more news!)

[thanks kisstheirng!]

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