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O Canada! Sony gives DivX to the True North


We're not normally so hot for portable DVD players, but Sony's recent VE7000S Walkman DVD player kind of caught our eye -- if only it had DivX or some other spicy flavors, right? Well, we haven't heard anything new on the US front, but it sounds like our neighbors up north are getting their very own version of the player with DivX. The Canadia version doesn't do anything else different than the 7-inch, dual-headphone jack unit we already saw, and we're guessing a mere firmware update was required to get the DivX hopping. We guess we can just chalk this up as another instance of device makers hating on the citizens of the US, but we're all ears for any deeper or darker conspiracy theories. Just remember, next time your grandma heads north for some prescription drugs, have her pick up a VE7000S while she's at it.

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