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OKWAP's WM2005 Smartphone slider

Chris Ziegler

Despite the seemingly exponential popularity of sliders over the past couple years, Windows Mobile Smartphones have seen shockingly little action in the form factor (heck, even Pocket PCs have managed to join the party). Taiwan's OKWAP is looking to change all that, parading their adorable little K728 at this year's Computex. The tri-band GSM device (sorry, yanks) sports some unusual specs for a Smartphone, including a 400MHz Samsung core, generous 128MB of flash, 2.0 megapixel camera, MiniSD slot, AKU2 with all the trimmings (A2DP included), and a 220 x 176 touchscreen. Yes, that's right, a touchscreen -- Smartphone doesn't officially get down like that, so we're assuming OKWAP rolled their own touch support. Given the unusually healthy spec sheet, you might be led to believe this Smartphone is secretly aspiring to be a Pocket PC, but the K728's diminutive 93.5 x 46 x 24.5mm and 107.8g weight suggest otherwise. More not-for-US-release eye candy after the break.

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