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Sony's E Series displays for the Post-It addict

Stan Horaczek

Until the entirety of the corporate world finally comes around to modern utilities like Outlook reminders and Google Calendar, those little yellow Post-Its will continue to dominate desktops across the land. Apparently Sony Europe has chosen to facilitate this environmentally irresponsible practice, by adding a special panel for the increasingly-obsolete sticky notes below the screens on their new E series LCD monitors. The panel also boasts a "handy groove which is ideal for holding pens" so you'll never miss a message in case, you know, you forget you're sitting right in front of a computer. Both the 17-inch and 19-inch models max out at 1280 x 1024 resolution and sport an average response time of 8 milliseconds, so we'll be interested to see how many extra Euros a run-of-the-mill monitor costs when it has a piece of plastic slapped on the front that may or may not disable screen angle and height adjustability.

[Via Gadgetizer]

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