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Arko shows off sexy little DAP


Despite the complete lack of face buttons and therefore the very real possibility of nightmarish usability, we can't help but be drawn to this new DAP Arko was showing off at Computex. We're really low on details at this point, including a model number, so we will merely ascribe our affections to this shiny little object with USB 2.0, MP3, WMA and "etc." support, color display, "low power consumption" and optional FM capability. The last time we saw optional FM in a player of this size was with Safa's SS100, which had to drop FM in its highest capacity 4GB player to make room for all that storage. Hopefully this Arko device suffers from a similar problem and we'll be seeing similar capacities -- though we have no idea how we'll scan through that much music with those tiny side buttons as our only interface. Obviously, we don't have any info on availability right now, but we'll be sure to let you know when we do.

[Via dapreview]

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