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Buffalo pre-N AirStation Nfiniti reviewed


Not one to let a little thing like standards acceptance get in their way, Buffalo has forged ahead (like so many others) and released their pre-N router, the AirStation Nfiniti. In case you're wondering how it actually performs, the good folks at TrustedReviews got their hands on a unit to see if it lives up to Buffalo's claims. Which are indeed pretty impressive, touting 300 Mbps for dual channel products and a blazing 600 Mbps for products taking advantage of all four spatial data streams. Unfortunately, TrustedReviews found those numbers to be too good to be true, receiving a much more modest 75 Mbps under ideal conditions, and testing real world performance they found that drop further to 46 Mbps. Still not too shabby, but you'll have to decide if it's worth the $200 US price tag and potential obsolescence whenever the final 802.11n standard is actually ratified by the IEEE.

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