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Jens (of Sweden) unveils d-JAY earphones

Evan Blass

They say you can't keep a good man down, and so it is with Scandinavian entrepreneur and rabble-rouser Jens Nylander, who keeps popping up with one or another device designed to enhance our portable audio experience. Usually we see Jens hawking digital audio players under the Jens of Sweden brand (now seeminlgly defunct), but today he's hit us up with a product from another one of his companies called JAYS: a pair of in-ear headphones which promise to reduce up to 90% of the surrounding noise by "producing the sound inside the ear." Known as the d-JAYS, these 'phones incorporate a proprietary Sound Isolating System built around a so-called micro armature, that Jens claims, in his typical fashion, will help reduce the risk of a hearing impairment he dubs "iPod ears." We'll find out if the d-JAYS live up to the hype come August, when they'll be shipping in a total of five colors (black, white, and three limited-edition shades) for a hundred bucks -- although you can get your pre-order on now for a 20% discount.

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