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Motorola, Chicago Cubs intro "wireless bullpen"

Chris Ziegler

Reaching deep into its bag of marketing tricks, Motorola is working with Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs to install its i580 iDEN clamshells at Wrigley Field to create the "League's first wireless bullpen communication system." We're hard-pressed to find the difference between a "wireless bullpen communication system" and "a couple of Nextels mounted on the wall," but as the name implies, the phones will give managers the capability to get through to the bullpen from the dugout without all those pesky wires that plague traditional systems. Tonight's game marks the first for the new system, after which the phone used to make the first call will be immortalized for all to see at the MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown (no, seriously). For the record, the i580 supports Bluetooth, so don't be surprised if you catch Dusty Baker sporting a chic headset in the dugout.

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