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WoW: The Journey to 60 and Beyond

Mike D'Anna

I'm not really sure whether to call this a review or not, but Macologist has posted an extremely in-depth overview of WoW entitled The Journey to 60 and Beyond. It's a look back at the game from a level 60 player designed as a sort of primer for the new or prospective player (so yeah, I guess it is kind of a review, if a belated one). It covers just about everything, from installation, to selecting a server & creating a character, to information about guilds, instances, quests, mounts, the endgame, and everything in between.

Not a ton of new info here for anyone who's been playing WoW for a while, but it's a very well-written look at the game for anyone who might be interested in learning more about the game, doing research, or looking to start playing themselves. Also, the article is from a Mac site, so all the tech-talk is Mac-centric, and there may be some tidbits of info that Mac users will find useful. You can read the full article here.

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