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Xbox 360 making cameo in Transformers movie?

Before we get to this, let's agree to hold off on all Xbox 360 power supply Energon cube jokes, just for a little while, kay? Alright, here goes.

Gamespot points us to entertainment website The Movie Reporter, who claim to have gotten their popcorn-greased mitts on the script for Michael Bay's upcoming, slow-mo explosion fest remake of Transformers. So we know it's got explosions, we know it's got slow-mo, what else does it have? The Movie Reporter's Robert Sanchez writes, "I almost forgot to mention one of the most stupid scenes in the script ... For reasons that I won't get into, we see an iPod, Xbox 360, and plasma screens sprout legs and transform just a bit."

Hmmm, well, yeah. Just a bit? Like the 360 transforms into a 360-with-legs? If there's a PS3 in this movie, we can expect a whole new metric for measuring the console wars, and just going on the two console's colors, we're guessing the 360 is an Autobot. Just sayin'!

Commence Energon cube jokes ... now!

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[Via Engadget]

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