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UltraCell launches XX25 Micro Fuel Cell


We were understandably skeptic when we heard in March that UltraCell was hoping to have some of their rugged laptop fuel cells ready for sale by the second half of this year, but it looks like they're standing by their word. They've just announced the immediate available of their Military-grade UltraCell XX25, which claims up to three days of power for a laptop off of one hot-swappable fuel cartridge. You can also have the unit configured for longer life if you need a longer duration for something like remote surveillance. UltraCell hasn't mentioned prices yet, and we're guessing you won't be able to walk out of Best Buy (or onto an airplane) with one of these any time soon, but if you've got the cash and the industry cred you should be able to nab your very own fuel cell and start enjoying life untethered.

[Via gizmag]

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