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Guild Wars hits 2 million mark

Joystiq Staff

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Love it or hate it, Guild Wars -- you know that free MMO that is almost World of Warcraft's only competition -- has hit the 2 million units sold mark since its initial release in April 2005. It certainly hasn't reached the kind of astronomical numbers WoW has -- about 6.5 million active subscribers -- but, hey, it's a start. Piggybacking on NCsoft's announcement is the revelation that, according to a press release from the company, sales data from The NPD Group shows Guild Wars Factions as the number one selling PC game in North America for the month of May 2006. Pretty encouraging news, especially for future MMORPGs currently in development. Will developers continue to consider the subscription route or the successful freebie path that Guild Wars has chosen? I know MMOs aren't everyone's "thing," but considering the success of Guild Wars (not to mention the fact that it has no monthly fee), it seems like this is still the one to get initiated, so to speak.

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