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Black DS Lite's flesh compared to PSP, DS Phat


Spudstercool, the tipster that sent us shots of the black DS Lite yesterday, was busy last night taking a few more photos of his black DS Lite alongside his PSP and now discarded DS Phat. This thing is hawt.

Some answers to questions in the earlier comments thread:
  • The DS Phat goes for around £70 on although GAME stores will give you £40 towards a DS Lite if you give them your DS Phat.
  • The North American release date for the black DS Lite is, as yet, unannounced.
  • You can import a U.K. DS Lite to your country without worrying about region encoding for games, but you'll still need to figure out a way of converting the UK DS Lite's 3-pin 230V/50Hz power adapter to your local mains power.

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