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Halo 2 team signs million-dollar deal

Joystiq Staff

And mom said we'd never get anywhere with these games. Gamasutra is reporting that Major League Gaming has just signed the United States' top Halo 2 team -- Final Boss -- for 1 million dollars (cue Dr. Evil). The cash happy organization also signed MTV True Life stud Tsquared to an exclusive contract worth $250,000. According to one of the now filthy rich pro gamers: "It's a huge honor to be part of the first gaming team to get this kind of money," said David "Walshy" Walsh. "This kind of contract just shows how serious MLG is about building the League. Three years ago I never could have imagined that I'd be making more money than my parents playing video games!"

This is actually pretty big news. It seems like it won't be much longer before we start to see competitive video gaming as a major TV event or big name players starting to be mentioned in the same breath as today's other sports stars. Our little video game baby seems to have all growns up.

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